August 2013

Philippe van Cauteren

' Tatjana Gerhard is an artist for whom painting is a tool to reflect a form of figuration that oscilates between a naive narration and an existential solitude. The human figure is disguised and appears to be a character in often undefinable spaces. Behind the gentleness of the brushstrokes hides an uncomfortable vision on the human species. With her work Tatjana Gerhard takes a painterly position where reminiscenses can be found of artists such as a.o. James Ensor, Emile Nolde or George Condo. Her work is idiosyncratic and genuine affirming the necessity to further reflect upon the human figure in painting.'

December 2016 - February 2018

Jo Coucke

(PDF, nl) Tatjana Gerhard Ohne Titel (2015)

18 March 2018

Text about the exhibition 'Rag Doll Act'.Be-part

(PDF,nl) Be-part

18 October 2012

Kathleen Bühler & Tatjana Gerhard

(PDF) In conversation…

29 October 2011

Tanguy Eeckhout

(PDF, nl) Randland

(PDF, en) Randland

3 März 2011

Konrad Bitterli

(PDF, de) Inszenierungen des Geheimnisvollen

(PDF, en) Staging the Secretive

20 August 2008

Felicity Lunn

(PDF, de) Solo Rotwand Gallery

(PDF, en) Solo Rotwand Gallery

09 May 2005

Jean-Claude Freymond-Guth

(PDF) Also dass es im Finsteren stand, Les Complices

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